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The Cane: Practical and Legal Self Defense for Today’s World!

The cane has been a part of the martial arts since ancient times. In the hands of a trained practitioner it can be the most formidable of ALL the self defense tools. Mostly associated with the martial art of Hapkido, the cane had fallen into obscurity in the martial arts world. With the help of American cane pioneer and CaneMaster Joe Robaina, the cane has been brought to the “limelight” at an international level. The cane is the ONLY legal self defense tool you can carry anywhere. It is easy to learn,and anyone can become proficient in its use. It is common for martial artists to practice weapons such as the nunchaku, bo, sai etc. While there is value to training with weapons, it makes even more sense to train with one that you can legally carry with you at all times.

The CaneMaster: A Self Defense Expert, Fitness Teacher, and Healer..

The title and rank of “CaneMaster” was created by an organization started by two of the most important and notable figures in the young history of American Cane martial arts: Grand Masters Dave Mcneil and Mark Shuey Sr. of Reno, Nevada. Together they co-founded “Cane Masters”, a martial arts company dedicated to promoting the art of the cane as well as designing and selling custom made self defense canes. Eventually Mcneil and Shuey parted ways. Mcneil was called upon to develop the weapons curriculum for the Goju-Shorei karate system under Grand Master Archie Alexander. The weapons system Mcneil created centers around the use of the cane as a legal self defense tool. The system also integrates knife and fan training for the purpose of legal self defense.

Mark Shuey Sr. continued to promote “Cane Masters” which under his guidance has become perhaps the largest seller of canes in the world. Due to the demand and growing interest in cane self defense, Shuey formed the Cane Masters International Association to further promote the cane and standardize rank requirements. Today the rank of “CaneMaster” is issued exclusively by the CMIA under GCM Shuey’s authorization only. GM Mcneil uses a Dan grade ranking system up to 8th degree black belt in his Goju-Shorei System. Currently Mcneil and Shuey are once again working together cooperatively and through their respective organizations continue the promotion of the cane.

The Cane-Do Kai organization headed by Joe Robaina, a certified “CaneMaster” (one of the first to ever earn the rank) who has also learned from GM Mcneil, prepares students for the rank of “CaneMaster” through the CMIA and GCM Mark Shuey Sr. In the Cane-Do Kai, CM Robaina issues three levels of mastership: CaneMaster, Senior Canemaster, and Grand CaneMaster. Although, CM Robaina is the founder of the Cane-Do Kai system, he has NOT promoted himself to “GrandMaster”. Currently, he will only accept rank from GCM Shuey Sr. or GM Mcneil.

So what exactly is a “CaneMaster”? A CM is obviously somone who has fullfilled the rank requirements and demonstrated the ability to teach as laid down by GCM Shuey and the CMIA. In the Cane-Do Kai, CM Robaina has developed a unique curriculum that FULLFILLS the CMIA requirements and therefore is authorized to recommend practitioners for this rank.

So what are the areas that a “CaneMaster” excels in? All Master level cane practitioners excel in cane self defense, teaching ability, exercising with the cane and natural healing. By taking a look at three of the pioneers of the art of the cane and the way in which they present their art, we find the commonalities that define the masters.

  • GM Dave Mcneil of Goju Shorei has made the isometric cane exercises and stretches an integral part of conditioning for the cane in his system. He has also incorporated “seikufujutsu” a type of Japanese restorative massage as part of his advanced dan requirement. Ofcourse, the self defense tecniques and kata are the foundation of the system.
  • GCM Shuey of the CMIA, in addition to the self defense techniques and kata incorporates cane isometrics, stretches, cane exercise bands for resistance training and has entered the physical rehabilitation arena with his unique cane exercise system to the point where some medical insurance companies have offered reimbursement for his programs. GCM Shuey has brought the cane to the general public beyond its self defense and fitness context. Anyone who uses the cane as a medical aid can now turn it into a valuable equalizer.
  • CM Robaina of the Cane-Do Kai likewise presents the cane as a complete martial art that offers self -defense, personal fitness and natural healing. Robaina who owns the Cane Masters Cane-Do Kai dojo in Miami, actually has a personal fitness and healing practice revolving around the cane. Robaina integrates cane stretches, isometrics, exercise bands and a yoga-pilates like cane exercise system. He also developed the “Quantum Cane” energy healing technique that he currently teaches to lay people as well as licensed health care professionals. CM Robaina holds the credentials to bring this system to the public since he is a degreed exercise physiologist, Master of Sports Science, certifed Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy.

So based on the approach of three of the premiere cane exponents today we can agree that a CaneMaster is a teacher of self protection, personal exercise, healing, and recuperative technques. A valuable contributor of good to society.



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