Aikijujutsu-Aikido-Jujutsu-Hapkido-Jiyu Ken-Do


Lil’ Dragons & Pre-Skill (ages 3-6)

We offer the most complete martial arts and life skills programs for young children. Aside from useful self defense skills, ou program emphasizes life skills topics such as starnger awareness, fire saftey, respect, first aid, traffic saftey and so on. Our program is designed to prepare this group for early schooling and to transition into our Future Black Belt Leaders program.

Future Black Belt Leaders (ages 7-12)

Not only do we emphasize street wise self defense skills, your child will develop leadership skills that will help him/her in every facet of their lives. Our goal is to develop”Black Belt Excellence” for the young members of our community.  Strong school support and an emphasis on discipline, respect, and follow through are emphasized in this program.

Adults  (ages 13 & over)

Our martial arts program for adults emphasizes practical street self defense,  conditioning, kicks, punches, joint locks, throws, groundwork, sparring, and cane self defense techniques.  You will develop significant fitness, reduce stress, and learn the best in self defense. We’ll also teach you how to apply the principles of our art to your daily endeavors so you succeed in school ,work, relationships and any endeavor off the mat as well.

Cane Karate (Cane-Do Kai U.S.A.)

We are the headquarters to Cane-Do Kai U.S.A., the American Cane Self Defense system. The cane is considered the most effective self defense tool for the streets and is totally legal to carry anywhere.  This martial art which consists of both cane self defense and empty hand translations, has an international following and as a member you’ll learn the art directly from Founder, Grand Master Joe Robaina.

Bootcamp Fitness

This is a FUN way to get in shape for men, women and juniors. Classes are limted to 10 recruits per class with morning, afternoon, and evening schedules available. Includes nutrition program and on-line nutritional support. Program is affordable for everyone and is GUARANTEED to get you in your best shape fast.

Personal Fitness Training

This program is for those who want to get in their best shape ever! Classes are private, one-on-one with no interruptions or distractions. You get a fitness age assessment, health history, and program design and then we ensure you carry out your program at our facility. We emphasize functional fitness and assess your progress on a monthly basis. Customized eating education is provided for those seeking fat loss. All of our personal fitness programs are guaranteed to get you results and include all other programs including martial arts and bootcamp fitness at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Martial Art That Heals…

Are you interested in finding a natural solution to your health needs? Our Oriental Healing Therapy has provided relief from pain, as well as many other health disorders where others have failed. We are one of the few schools of martial arts qualified to provide instruction in the healing arts.

As a member of our school, you will learn simple methods for personal care as well as for care of family members.  This is another example of the Mushin Academy Advantage!

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