Kyoshi, Dr.Joe Robaina

Kyoshi (Professor) Joe Robaina is the headmaster of the school and one of the highest ranking Aikijujutsu exponents in the United States. He holds master ranks in 4 major aiki arts (aikijujutsu, aikido, jujitsu, hapkido) and is a pioneer in cane self defense.    He is also recognized as the “Kaiso” (Founder) of the dynamic aiki martial art, Mushin Aikibudo.  Kyoshi Robaina has been inducted into numerous Martial Arts  Hall of Fames including “2011 Grand Master Instructor of the Year”.  He is the Southeast Regional Director for the International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation and is the Founder/President of the International Aiki Arts Certifcation & Accreditation Board. He  is also a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy (Natural Health) and an LMT with a busy oriental bodywork practice.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology,a Master of Sports Sciences, and is a Certifed Specialist in Performance Nutrition.  Few martial art schools are fortuante to have such a uniquely qualified individual  teaching daily at the headquarters.


Vanessa is currently the Cane-Do Kai’s senior most student. She teaches our kid’s program, kid’s bootcamp and adult beginner’s class. She’s a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Fitness Trainer offering both services at our school. She has completed all of Kyoshi Robaina’s healing seminars and is well versed in the system. . Vanessa trains a busy portion of our personal fitness students and enjoys educating others on how to eat correctly to burn fat and maintain a healthier lifestyle. She also teaches a popular women’s self defense class. For more information on her programs and services please call 800-289-8188

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